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Iceweasel speedup hint
« on: 2014/05/15, 07:57:27 »
I was reading how older versions of Firefox could be sped up by using "network.http.pipelining”.  There were a host of additions that were to be added to about config, but, that was before version 29. 

So, I looked up "network.http.pipelining” in the about:config of 29 and saw that it was disabled (set to false).  So I set it to true and saw a noticeable speed boost loading pages.  In the older versions, setting maxrequests over 8 was redundant, but, in version 29, maxrequests was preset for 32. 

I wonder why the default was set to false?  I'm also wondering if I should set "network.http.pipelining-ssl also to true.  I'm still looking, but, I thought I'd post to see if anyone else has used pipelining to speed up Iceweasel.  Anyone?
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Re: Iceweasel speedup hint
« Reply #1 on: 2014/05/15, 09:10:07 »
Once upon a time :) there have been a lot of posts regarding firefox speed optimization, most of them playing around with all the "" settings.
They did work, as old defaults considered slower modem connections, while powerusers already had broadband. Some of those settings (like maxrequest) had a lower default because the could be considered unfair if too many people do to many requests at servers.
Whether all these optimization settings now are just voodoo or play any role on modern systems with providers on powerful backbones, I do not know. But I seldom set up a new firefox-profile, so during the years I have still all the old optimization settings in my about:config.

You can read up those settings, the defaults and what they do at mozillazine, for example
and so on.

Last time I got my settings from a german firefox forum, from my bookmarks it could have been
this post:
or this:


EDIT: Here one more discussion, this time english language, in mozillazine forum: . Let me quote the last post:
"Yeah.. those of us that used all the Internet Geek Speed Twreaks in the Firefox 3.x days need to reevaluate. For example the default setting for the newer Firefox versions for network.http.max-connections is now 256 so the 48, 96, 128 we all used is giviing us less than the default settings since Firefox 10. And other like content.interrupt.parsing dont even exist. "

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Re: Iceweasel speedup hint
« Reply #2 on: 2014/06/05, 07:09:57 »
I wonder why the default was set to false?
"not all servers support it. Some servers may even behave incorrectly if they receive pipelined requests"

I'm also wondering if I should set "network.http.pipelining-ssl also to true.
No need to do that if network.http.pipelining is set to true

"If this preference is false and network.http.pipelining is true, pipelining will still be used for secure websites."