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Iceweasel Security vs. Privacy
« on: 2014/10/16, 14:30:19 »

during the cinnamon test i often have used Iceweasel with its standard configuration. I observed that some contents are blocked and looked at iceweasels default configuration (please sign on to see attachments). Iceweasel checks your URLs against a list that it gets from about every 30 minutes. In case of a finding like mine the browser submits a request to google, to double check the state of the site, so google can count incidents. Unsigned downloads are checked by submitting metadata to googles Safe Browsing service.

Please be aware that Iceweasel has inherited from Firefox the list provider.

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Re: Iceweasel Security vs. Privacy
« Reply #1 on: 2014/10/19, 00:42:14 »
It's in german but anyway:

Seems to result from that link, that it might be better to disable the safebrowsing feature in Iceweasel/FF ...