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2021/01/22, 16:48:01


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Linux UEFI Multi-Boot
« on: 2015/04/22, 10:39:59 »
Part 1

Part 2

I guess after going through multi-booting under UEFI a few times, the process will be easier.  My one nagging question is do you install the grub bootloader for all distros in the EFI partition?  Will the installers ask this question or will it be automagically done?

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Re: Linux UEFI Multi-Boot
« Reply #1 on: 2015/04/22, 14:30:28 »
Multiboot with uefi is no problem at all - we are working on it right now. Mostly it is dead simple, one take a UEFI ready iso and install from it. In the next step one choose in the UEFI setup, which UEFI Manager to choose. If one choose the Grub one - bingo, all things done. Additional OS can be added via os-probe and update-grub. Done. :)
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