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Author Topic: qupzilla kf5 kwallet integration?  (Read 1605 times)


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qupzilla kf5 kwallet integration?
« on: 2015/07/21, 20:39:41 »
Since to move to qt5 it seems qupzilla doesn't interact with kwallet for some time now. (I think qupzilla 1.6.6 was the last version that was working with kwallet4)

Is it planned to integrate the kf5 kwallet backend back in, when "KDE5" becomes default?

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Re: qupzilla kf5 kwallet integration?
« Reply #1 on: 2015/07/21, 20:47:53 »
no, not really - we will see what happend in the qupzilla development
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Re: qupzilla kf5 kwallet integration?
« Reply #2 on: 2015/07/21, 20:52:53 »
IIrc, opensuse has support, or at least I think it has.

Ok then I'll see if I can export those passworts then by setting up a kde4 install and some old quzilla then.