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Errata for the dev-release 2015.1
« on: 2016/01/01, 17:50:04 »
Hello dear testdrivers,

for your convenience we will collect known issues and workarounds here.
Solutions will be applied to final release.

Please feel free to start a new topic for your issue in our Bug Section 2015-1.

Base System + NOX, Xorg
This Category applies to all flavours.

- apt sources:  duplicate entries in siduction fixes and extra list.  (comment out one line)  [solved:  ]
- added "most"-pager again  [solved:  ]
- re-integrate live-xorgconfig in all X-flavours  [solved:  ]
- add qemu-guest-agent [solved:  ]
- wishlist item: /inxi alias for hexchat

- race conditions in live-mode only:
1) sometimes sudo will ask for a password  [solved:  ]
2) Browser may show "could not connect" when starting the installer.
    Try again by reloading the page, close the browser and start the
    installer again. Check if network is available and the service of choice
    is up and running. Connman seems to have some problems comming up sometimes.
    Thats no problem, restart the service, with a now working su it isn't
    nice, but not a big deal. I set it to solved, seems to be an upstream
    problem with a easy workaround [solved:  ]

- switch to cinnamon 2.8.6  (apt-get dist-upgrade)  [solved:  ]
- adacious sets itself as default application for opening directories. [solved #1833]




- when cmst fails to configure the network, quipzilla won't connect to localhost (e.g. http://sidu-installer).
- missing volume control: apt install mate-media  (and re-login) [solved: ]

- smplayer, smtube missing.  [solved: ]
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