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nox and Xorg iso's
« on: 2017/05/06, 02:16:16 »
I am wondering what exactly the nox and Xorg iso's in the download mirrors entail, since my German just isn't up to scratch, and I can't find a link to the English wiki.
Ideally I'm looking for something that doesn't have any desktop environments to mess with. In that vein, I'm pretty sure I'm looking for the nox iso, but since there isn't any documentation that I can easily find, I thought I'd ask before I took the night to download something I'm not sure about.
Thanks for any responses, I appreciate it.

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Re: nox and Xorg iso's
« Reply #1 on: 2017/05/06, 03:47:16 »
You are correct, nox has NO desktop environment, NOR does it have any "x" (xorg) packages.

A preferred choice when building your own iso, running a server, etc.

Xorg contains xorg packages and fluxbox desktop environment

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Re: nox and Xorg iso's
« Reply #2 on: 2017/05/06, 05:41:28 »
Thank you. That helps me out a bunch.

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Re: nox and Xorg iso's
« Reply #3 on: 2017/05/06, 09:48:20 »
welcome SamwiseFilmore,

the NoX-flavour is far away from minimal, but it entitles you to implement your own choices.
The command line installer is named "cli-installer".
To configure /etc/network/interface you can use "ceni".

The Xorg-flavour is a good choice if you want to achieve something similar to siduction.
This iso contains the common stuff like
  • common settings and applications,
  • the calamares installer (based on QT),
  • the sddm login-manager (we don't install sddm-theme-breeze, which is based on KDE).
It doesn't include the popular Network-Manager, though.

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