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2020/06/06, 12:56:16


Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: mate packages + firefox, thunderbird, libreoffice are removed after dist-upgrade  (Read 893 times)

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Offline anamesa

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A whole bunch of packages are to be removed with last dist-upgrade. I think I'm going to wait for a while for things to be settled. Does anyone know when this is going to happen?  I have the mate & lxqt desktop environments installed and mate is my main desktop environment.

Code: [Select]
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  atril bamfdaemon blueman brasero brasero-cdrkit caja caja-actions caja-admin caja-eiciel caja-gtkhash caja-image-converter
  caja-open-terminal caja-rename caja-seahorse caja-sendto caja-share caja-wallpaper dconf-editor default-java-plugin default-jre engrampa
  eom firefox firefox-l10n-de firefox-l10n-en-gb firefox-l10n-it firefox-l10n-pl firefox-l10n-pt-br firefox-l10n-ro galternatives gcr
  gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 gir1.2-caja gir1.2-caja-2.0 gir1.2-clutter-1.0 gir1.2-clutter-gst-3.0 gir1.2-evince-3.0 gir1.2-gtk-3.0
  gir1.2-gtkclutter-1.0 gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 gir1.2-mate-panel gir1.2-matepanelapplet-4.0 gir1.2-peas-1.0 gir1.2-rb-3.0 gir1.2-totem-1.0
  gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 gir1.2-wnck-3.0 gnome-disk-utility gnome-keyring gnome-orca gnome-settings-daemon gnome-sushi gstreamer1.0-clutter-3.0
  gtkhash icedtea-8-plugin icedtea-netx libappindicator3-1 libatk-wrapper-java-jni libatrildocument3 libatrilview3 libayatana-ido3-0.4-0
  libayatana-indicator3-7 libbrasero-media3-1 libcaja-extension1 libcanberra-gtk3-0 libcanberra-gtk3-module libclutter-1.0-0
  libclutter-gst-3.0-0 libclutter-gtk-1.0-0 libcryptui0a libevdocument3-4 libevview3-3 libgail-3-0 libgcr-ui-3-1 libgjs0g
  libgnome-desktop-3-12 libgnome-desktop-3-17 libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-bin libgtkmm-3.0-1v5 libgtksourceview-3.0-1 libgucharmap-2-90-7
  libgweather-3-15 libgweather-3-6 libindicator3-7 libmarco-private1 libmate-desktop-2-17 libmate-panel-applet-4-1 libmate-slab0
  libmate-window-settings1 libmatedict6 libmatekbd4 libmateweather1 libnautilus-extension1a libnma0 libopencv-calib3d3.2
  libopencv-contrib3.2 libopencv-features2d3.2 libopencv-highgui3.2 libopencv-objdetect3.2 libopencv-stitching3.2 libopencv-superres3.2
  libopencv-videoio3.2 libopencv-videostab3.2 libpeas-1.0-0 libreoffice libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer libreoffice-gtk3
  libreoffice-nlpsolver libreoffice-script-provider-bsh libreoffice-script-provider-js libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb libreoffice-wiki-publisher
  librhythmbox-core10 libtotem0 libvte-2.91-0 libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 libwnck-3-0 libyelp0 lightning marco mate-applet-brisk-menu mate-applets
  mate-calc mate-control-center mate-desktop mate-desktop-environment mate-desktop-environment-core mate-desktop-environment-extras
  mate-dock-applet mate-indicator-applet mate-media mate-notification-daemon mate-panel mate-polkit mate-power-manager mate-screensaver
  mate-sensors-applet mate-session-manager mate-settings-daemon mate-system-monitor mate-terminal mate-tweak mate-user-guide
  mate-user-share mate-utils mozo nautilus nautilus-extension-brasero network-manager-gnome notification-daemon openjdk-8-jre orca
  pavucontrol pinentry-gnome3 pluma policykit-1-gnome python-caja qt5-gtk-platformtheme rhythmbox rhythmbox-plugins seahorse
  seahorse-daemon shotwell synaptic thunderbird thunderbird-l10n-de thunderbird-l10n-en-gb thunderbird-l10n-it thunderbird-l10n-pl
  thunderbird-l10n-pt-br thunderbird-l10n-ro totem totem-plugins transmission-gtk vlc-plugin-notify yelp zenity
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  gstreamer1.0-gl libdns-export1100 libdns1100 libfribidi0:i386 libgraphene-1.0-0 libgstreamer-gl1.0-0 libisc-export169 libisc169 libisl19
  libreoffice-avmedia-backend-vlc libsrtp2-1 linux-headers-4.15.15-towo.1-siduction-amd64 linux-image-4.15.15-towo.1-siduction-amd64
  openjdk-9-jre-headless python3-pyxattr weechat-perl weechat-python weechat-ruby

Offline threepio

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No failures, sorry.
Mate is already working fine.
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Offline anamesa

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The topic was opened exactly because this is what I got after making an apt-get update and an apt-get dist-upgrade -d, download only. 
Maybe I'm in the middle of some transition. Thanks anyway for the reply.

Offline devil

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I use neither of your desktops but I am not aware of an issue here. Lxqt is affected by some running or upcoming transitions, but that only affects qt-packages and not e.g. firefox and all the gtk-stuff that it wants to remove for you. So you probably have an individual problem with your install.

Offline dibl

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Two LXQt laptops have no problems with full-upgrades as of today.
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Offline anamesa

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OK, thanks for the replies, I'll look further into it, since it seems strange.