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2021/01/18, 17:45:30


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Offline eriefisher

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Not powering off
« on: 2020/07/13, 20:04:14 »
I've noticed this over the last couple kernel upgrades. Unknown if it's related or not because I don't usually shut this laptop off unless there is a kernel up grade or I'm taking it on the road.
It looks as though everything is working. it get's down to power-off but it doesn't happen. Nothings hanging up and it's quick and smooth. My only concern is with this laptop, if I use the power button to force a power down the bios is slow to post. When it was powered down normally the bios would post immediately then continue on to grub. Sometimes it can seem like an eternity waiting for the bios. Reboot works perfectly.
Any suggestions? I don't recall any bios changes since installation and I've really had no issues with this laptop since it was installed.
Thanks for looking.

Offline Penyelam

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Re: Not powering off
« Reply #1 on: 2020/07/13, 21:12:18 »
I had this behavior, too. After a DU it worked normally again.
As workaround I switched to a console (strg-alt-F2) and ran as root: "systemctl reboot" or "systemctl poweroff"

Offline eriefisher

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Re: Not powering off
« Reply #2 on: 2020/07/13, 21:15:12 »
Thanks @Penyelam, I will try it with systemctl. Never thought about that.