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2020/10/25, 23:24:05


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libreoffice-gtk3 as recommended for xfce
« on: 2020/07/17, 12:06:11 »
So, I am now couple of weeks deep in siduction. Things are going good. There were some caveats but I am getting out of them or learn to live with them.
I would have a question related to libreoffice though. Since I installed siduction my eyes had to fight with the window style. Going through the settings I realized why: these are the java style of windows, which should fit all the cases. A bit of research lead me to the icon themes packages (libreoffice-sytle-*) which I have installed and they proved to be useful in case of using dark themes and also to libreoffice-gtk3. The last one is the plugin for drawing widgets with Gtk+ 3.
My question is if this package cannot me made recommended for the installation based on Gtk+ 3 like xfce or gnome... this would help so much with the visuals....