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Author Topic:  Distrowatch  (Read 4230 times)

Offline Penyelam

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« on: 2020/12/14, 23:50:56 »
Mir ist gerade aufgefallen, dass siduction auf inactiv steht.
Ich habe eine Mail an distro@distrowatch.com geschrieben, dass das nicht stimmt.

Offline der_bud

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Re: Distrowatch
« Reply #1 on: 2020/12/15, 07:45:47 »
Das steht irgendwo in den FAQ von Distrowatch, da steckt ein Automatismus hinter - wenn soundsolange kein Release erfolgt ist, geht der Status auf Inaktiv. Ist aus Sicht des verwendeten Algorithmus auch durchaus richtig so...  ;)

What is the difference between the Dormant and Discontinued status?

A distribution which has not put out a new release in two or more years is marked as being Dormant in our database. The distribution may still be worked on, but has not published any new stable releases. When a dormant distribution publishes a new stable release it is then marked as being Active. A project may also be marked as dormant if it no longer plans to put out future releases, ie planned inactivity, while older releases are maintained.
We often receive e-mails from projects which have been Dormant and plan future releases (or from fans of dormant projects) asking us to update the distro's status to Active. This will be done automatically when a new stable release is published.
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