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Author Topic: [EN] Latest Upgrade Problem  (Read 4503 times)

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[EN] Latest Upgrade Problem
« on: 2022/12/22, 20:34:09 »
I did a upgrade two days ago that did not allow me to login. Siduction accepted my password but I could not login. I had to remove Siduction and needed an Linux operating system to finish my work. I searched around and the only OS I had on a USB stick was Ubuntu Unity.:( I installed Ubuntu Unity and finished most of the job I was working on. Thank goodness for document backups.

I am back and will download Siduction and install again.:) Overall for a rolling release Siduction has been good.


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Re: Latest Upgrade Problem
« Reply #1 on: 2022/12/22, 23:38:15 »
It's of course good for you and I'm happy to hear you got your system back up. :-)

Still, the "upgrade warnings" forum section is dedicated for... well, upgrade warnings. I moved the thread to the free speech section.