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Author Topic: [EN] [Solved] siduction fails to boot - drops to busybox after t64 upgrade (apparent)  (Read 1425 times)

Offline dimitri

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Failure to boot siduction after upgrading
Successful t64 upgrade after several iterations of update, upgrade, install
following advice here until no packages to be removed
then full-upgrade
with no errors
Upon reboot select kernel from grub menu
and dropped into BusyBox shell with
error msg - libcom_err.so.2 file not found
manual fsck required
fsck.ext4 fails with cannot open shared object libcom_err.so.2

fdisk -l shows the disk as a single partition only
with none of the other 8 partitions on the disk displayed


boot siduction live cd
fsck.ext4 shows upgraded root partition is clean
fdisk displays correct partition map
fix: use chroot helper to boot failed install root partition
find / -name libcom_err.so.2  -> in flatpak hierarchy, hmmm
nuke flatpak off system - apt remove flatpak - and any scripts referencing flatpak in /etc
(this may not be necessary as part of the fix)

apt reinstall e2fsprogs (contains fsck.ext4)
(initramfs is updated)

apt reinstall fdisk (don't know if necessary but since it produced inaccurate output, why not?)

along the way installed libcom_err2 package
and created simlink to libcom_err.so.2 in /usr/lib
(just to be sure)

Booted normally, success!

Perhaps this will help someone in the same situation