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EXCELLENT -- thanks, @der_bud!

EDIT: Yes, by following the guidance on the linked site, I was able quickly to reconstruct my needed tabs and login data. Thanks for the tip!
For your credentials you need to copy the files 'logins.json' and 'key4.db' from your old profile folder to the profile of the other/new firefox instance.
For more info and background look at  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/recovering-important-data-from-an-old-profile#w_your-important-data-and-their-files
OK I've got the mozilla downloaded firefox installed on 2 machines so far. I use firefox for banking and bill paying, and I have a set of 6 or 7 tabs with my user and password information for these sites. Is there a quick way to show the new downloaded firefox my existing configuration, or do I need to manually set up the tabs?

I haven't used FF for some time just for that reason. I found it was buggy and prone to crash. I've been seeing some similar behavior with Vivaldi recently. 100% cpu usage and the mail client not starting or connecting to the server.
no crashs here with the recent sid package but very slow on some sides with tls-handshakes, when not timing out evrything is okay after.
No problems with the sid package here on different installations, too. No Nvidea tough...
Might be your configuration.
Zero problem with the original Mozilla version of Firefox.
Hmmmmm.  I have always used the Debian package -- maybe it's time to get it from Mozilla.  Thanks towo.
Siduction News / Re: Augsburger Linuxtage 2023
« Last post by harley-peter on Yesterday at 18:44:36 »
Michael (Bluelupo) hat noch ein Rollup und eine Tischdecke kriegen wir auch gebacken aber ein paar Flyer und Sticker wären schon nicht schlecht.
Zero problem with the original Mozilla version of Firefox.
Is it just me, or is this 111 series of Firefox versions crashing for others also? It seems worst on my Nvidia graphics productivity desktop, but it's not very stable on my laptops either. Just curious to see whether this is a known issue with this browser version. Thanks.
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